Combating Winter Blues - Feel Alive!

winter bluesEarly sunsets, chilly mornings and shorter days all indicate that winter has well and truly arrived. Why do the seasonal moans and groans accompany this time of year, when we ought to embrace this season and appreciate the contrasts that winter offers?


A brief farewell to the sticky heat of summer, accompanied by stale unhealthy air circulating from cooling gadgets, mosquitoes determined to get their nourishment from homo sapiens, sweaty brows and heat rashes, all synonymous with summer now having abated, should heighten our appreciation of a cooler season. There is every reason not to view this season as "the Winter of our discontent".


While it is true that Winter is accompanied by freezing toes and hands, the warmth offered by a fire is sheer bliss, and feels like sinking into a
bed of happiness, and at bedtime the comfort of a duvet fighting the chill of the night provides a sense of well-being that defies description.


Dressing in warm winter clothes can be such fun during the cold weather. The comfy feeling of jackets, socks, scarves, layering of clothing and the wearing of boots, long or short, truly gives one the opportunity to uniquely display "fashions for the season"!


Winter foods, such as piping hot, healthy stews, welcoming bowls of soup, casseroles, or even simple, hearty meals enjoyed with friends
provide immense contentment and a sense of well-being.


Even the light is exquisite in Winter and on a warmer Winter day, the pale sun may peep through the clouds, hanging like a faded orange in the sky, yet bathing nature in all its glory. Even the starkness of bare branches provides a unique sort of beauty which has inspired artists throughout time.


Unfortunately there is a downside to Winter in that many skins will invariably suffer from the cold dry air of the season. Exposed areas like
the face, neck and hands are more vulnerable and extra care is needed. A complexion that glows in the cold is not necessarily a healthy one and can feel taut and dry. Cuticles that lack moisture become cracked and ragged and nails become dry and brittle.


Just because the body as a whole is not as exposed, it also requires extra nourishment, preferably after a hot bath or shower when the skin is warm and pliable.


The body butters available in the MatsiMela Range are perfect for skin conditioning all year round. Our Baobab Mud Scrub and Body Butter will enrich your skin and leave it feeling silky smooth and restored during these dry months.