Fathers Day

fatherOn Sunday 21st June, fathers will be celebrated for the love, support and dedication they show to their children.  A father figure unites a family in many ways, and the role played can be ever-changing, as the old stereo type father alters, and new parenting skills evolve.


The western image of dad as a primary wage earner is changing in the face of evidence that a father may be single, married, gay or straight, or may even be a step-father or a foster dad.


On the other hand a "stay-at-home" dad may be seen as the equivalent of a house-wife, his spouse being the bread-winner. There are also "week-end" dads who are divorced or separated from their partners, having visitation rights to have time with their children.


Biologically, dads are special in a unique way as the male sperm dictates the sex of the unborn child. If the sperm carries the X chromosome, a girl will be born, whereas the Y chromosome will result in the birth of a boy. Now there is something to think about!


As for spoiling dad, thank goodness many of the stereotypical gifts such as endorsed mugs, ties, socks and the like, have been relegated to history!
Categorized gifts in specialised stores, with interesting merchandising, make for much time-saving when purchasing a Father's Day gift.


Take for instance the "office mall" where one can purchase novel items such as a chalkboard for dad's office wall, a credit card holder, a decorative A4 clipboard, a computer screen cleaner and a very practical retractable telephone cord!


If these choices seem a bit bland, the "culinary gifts" may be the answer. On the quiet, mom can assist to create a mega, triple decker burger to surprise dad. Perhaps knowing that dad has a sweet tooth, choosing from the array of cakes, sweets and desserts available may be an option! And it is doubtful that any dad would not be thrilled with a gift pack of biltong.
On the other hand, a bottle of fine whiskey, wine or his favourite beer would delight any dad .


Lastly, luxurious toiletries are not for the exclusive use of women. Matsimela Home Spa has a range of wonderfully luxurious products that could be added to any Father's Day gift. Our Vanilla and Sandalwood range's earthy essence will allow your dad to indulge himself and feel a little pampered, while retaining his masculinity.