habitVery often the words habit, obsession and fixation are confused.

A habit is a routine behaviour that is repeated regularly and could occur unconsciously. Habitual behaviour often goes unnoticed in the person that exhibits it. Habitual occurrences are imprinted in our neural pathways, so it is no wonder that habits can be so difficult to break. There is truth in the famous saying that "old habits die hard"!

Just a few bad habits to consider are nail-biting, smoking, binge drinking, swearing, over-eating and an everyday irritation; the habit of the cell phone being attached to the outer ear as if it is one's last possession on earth!


Unfortunately, our bad habits interfere with life, and in many cases prevent goals from being accomplished.


Good habits such as healthy eating, exercising, caring for one's body, getting sufficient sleep, etc, need hardly be mentioned.
Adopting good habits is akin to those famous new year resolutions that we make, but they are meant to be honoured!!
A habit is not necessarily an addiction. This rather complex subject will be discussed in another article.


A less commonly known meaning of the word habit refers to clothing, such as costumes, military uniforms or a distinctive set of garments worn by religious orders.


The word "haberdashery" has connotations, and a store department where items of clothing are found and, reconstructing the word, we have the famous store named Habitat.


A fixation is an obsessive preoccupation with someone or something. People often feel out of control with ideas dominated by intense desires. To illustrate this we often hear of people in the entertainment industry being followed in an undesirable manner. What is it that inspires this celebrity worship and the craving of details of other people's personal lives? Psychologists rationalise this commenting that the common herd's lives are woefully dull in comparison and go as far as saying that the sight of a beautiful face can bathe the brain in pleasing chemicals! Unfortunately, the perceptions of youth, money and power are often distorted and far removed from reality.


Lastly it is considered a good habit to not chop and change beauty products, but rather, to be loyal to one that allows maximum benefits to the skin, having pure ingredients and wonderful results. Matsimela Home Spa offers such a wide range of products that it is easy to combine "habit" with "variety" and never get tired of one particular range.