tree2Readers please note that this week's article is not intended to be derogatory to any one race, but merely reflects the ideals of eugenics.


Envision every human as equal at birth; beauty, fitness, mental health, social strength and intelligence.
Eugenics became the science of improving a population by controlled breeding, to increase the occurrence of desired inherited characteristics, discouraging reproduction by persons with genetic differences or undesirable traits. This process could be termed selective breeding.


While practised as far back as ancient Greece, [the Greek word means normal genes] modern eugenics spread to many countries which adopted the policies to improve a country's stock. Methods such as forbidden marriages and forced sterilization were common practice plus the focus on those having low IQ's, criminal tendencies and members of a disfavoured minority group.

The early eugenics movement required severe restriction on the rights to reproduce, this taken to great lengths like genetic screening and selective abortion.


When the word eugenics comes to mind, one is no doubt reminded of Hitler and the third Reich with their racial ideology to increase a race of pure Aryans, a white race ostensibly having blue eyes and blonde hair. The SS, Hitler's unique personal guard, were selected as being the nucleus of the new ascending genes, aspiring to the concept of the "master race".
Past history reveals what a complete disaster this was, incurring horrific crimes against humanity.


On a positive note future genetic modifications could eliminate disease-causing mutations in the human body. These scientific procedures may well be termed "passive eugenics".


Common diseases like tuberculosis, sickle cell anaemia and many more could be prevented, and pre-natal diagnosis for Downs syndrome can now give parents the choice of terminating an early pregnancy. The greatest break-through of all would be a cure for cancer.


Even as this article is being read, thousands of women will be undergoing insemination, anticipating pregnancy via sperm selection, the donor possibly offering all the characteristics like skin and hair colour, fitness, beauty, intelligence and whatever is desired!


It might be in the realm of science fiction, but perhaps the time is not far off when future parents can create a "designer baby" via a baby catalogue!!


From a more serious viewpoint, some evolutionists suggest that if society cannot survive the current degeneration long enough, it will collapse and the species will become extinct.

In conclusion, this week's article generates much speculation.


The Matsimela team will, however without the controversy of the above content, continue to make positive changes to a brand that is ever evolving.