Maintaining a healthy mind

healthy mindOne of the most profound questions facing science is understanding the nature of consciousness and whether mind and brain are separate entities.  The question arises, is the mind a product of the brain's activity or is mind of a more philosophical nature allowing us to think, feel, experience and act accordingly?

Of all the afflictions that fall upon us, few remain as misunderstood as those that affect the mind. Could it be that the mind allows us to have awareness of self, our innermost feelings and conflicts is quite disconnected from how others perceive us?

Our environment affects us to a greater degree than realized. People, with their attitudes, opinions and criticisms are all internalized by our brains. It is no wonder that confusion, lack of confidence, inability to make sound decisions and a host of negativities can result in mental illness.

On the other hand, modern science allows us to understand that injury, disease, hereditary factors and chemical imbalance in the brain result in experiences like depression , confusion and more, indicating that mind and brain are in fact inter-related.
The brain/mind issue is highly complicated so focusing on the topic of this week's article will be to a greater advantage.

As our lifestyles become more intense, pressures build up, our thoughts become clouded and the brain becomes choked with clutter, the following suggestions should assist in restoring a better sense of balance and well being '

  • A realization of what is important or trivial is vital in order to prioritize
  • To be honest; in a busy world very few of us will well and truly come to the end of the day with all tasks completed
  • Making lists can help one to be rational – step one to calming the mind

Many experts believe in VISUALIZATION to conquer negativity. Pleasant mental images assist one to "leap over obstacles" and let go of unrealistic ambitions and expectations.

To meditate is a type of mind/body medication, which can assist to eliminate the stream of negative thoughts, create inner calmness, lower blood pressure and have untold other benefits. Furthermore it is free and a little discipline and concentration are all that are needed.

Breaking up the MONOTONY of living by introducing change can do wonders and perk up tedious schedules. Being fearful of change will not rip holes in one's safety net!!

GIVING in any form is a spiritual aspect of our being. Nothing is more rewarding than the tangible act of helping others, be it physical or material.

Continually viewing VIOLENCE on the television wreaks havoc with the mind and perpetuates acts of violence in the physical world.  The average American child will witness 200,000 acts of violence and 16,000 murders on the TV by the age of 18 according to research.  There is no doubt that violence breeds violence.

VALUING and viewing oneself in a kinder light and with respect should not be seen as arrogance. Being with negative people who see no good in themselves or others is not conducive to mental health.

Cultivating HUMOUR by seeing the funny side of life boosts the immune system and encourages the realization that the world has good to offer.

Finally, a great boost to morale is SELF-INDULGENCE which does not necessarily translate into extravagance.
Spas and wellness centres offer a variety of affordable treatments to benefit the body and mind. The wondrous ability of the therapist, tranquil atmosphere and calming music coupled with the use of curative Matsimela products will restore a positive sense of self.