renewTO RENEW means to give fresh life to, revive, awaken, re-juvenate and so on...

Having these definitions in mind, one of the greatest gifts in life is friendship. How many would love to re-unite with a school friend, a person one has lost track of or perhaps for various reasons a friendship that has fallen by the wayside.

Having social media at our fingertips many connections are possible and a happy re-union could enrich one's life.

The renewal of marriage vows has gained popularity for couples to re-affirm their love and commitment to one another.

A ceremony like this is merely symbolic and not legal. Special occasions like wedding anniversary dates are significant and the couple should not dwell on past negativities , but pause and reflect on the future together.

Regarding some of MATSIMELA'S hindu clients who believe in re-incarnation, what a wonderful and consoling thought that in some other time in the future, life will be renewed.

Our relationships with nature are essential. The season "spring" being most significant due to the revival of growth and is one of the purest forms of renewal and a time to dwell on our relationship with the creator.

Skin renewal plays a vital role in delaying the ageing process.

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