Hair today, gone tomorrow...

hairlossThis week's article focuses not only on hair loss and some possible causes, but also on hair fashions that come and go with time.

"Balding" is technically termed alopecia, the most common being thinning and total loss of hair as in old age. The reason being that the follicles simply give up on producing new hairs.

Hereditary factors play a big role too.
Stress arising from emotional issues and trauma is also a common cause, but fortunately reversible. Deliberate stress on the follicles caused by tight pony tails, extensions and so on can contribute to hair loss.

Fungal infections of the scalp cause the hair to fall out in coin like patches and parasitic invasions like lice affect healthy hair growth. Of all the various types of baldness alopecia "Universalis" is the strangest of all, the sufferer born minus any hair on the body at all.

Men overall, have more noticeable loss of hair than women and many show admirable loyalty to the few remaining strands creating very sparse and limp looking pony tails!

Others resort to draping the remaining hair across the scalp with dire consequences when a gale is blowing!

Of the few remedies offered the toupee [a false hair piece attached to the scalp] can offer a more youthful appearance and the implantation of blocks of follicles that can produce hair.

Alternatively shaving it off is a simple and a cheap method that has gained popularity, has become fashionable and no longer has associations with gang members in prison!

The various Fashions in hair styling are just too many to mention here.  However, as fashion in clothing, shoes, bags and so on will make a reappearance so will some of the "hair-dos".

During the past 60 years we have seen many varieties, some with unique names like the poodle cut, short with fairly tight curls, the bouffant, big with much volume, the pixie cut, short and close to the head, the French roll, a vertical style at the rear of the head, the chignon, an "up-style" with a bun at the nape of the neck, then wavy, "coiffed hair" styled in a very neat fashion, rather helmet like in complete contrast to today's deliberately created messy look!! Later the asymmetrical cut became popular, featuring both short and longer hair within one cut.

During the 1960's a dreadful style called the "beehive" caught on. The writer, when in high school, well remembers this having been called into the head-mistresses office and told to "proceed at once to the cloak room and untangle that mess that resembles a bird's nest and will never accommodate the school hat"!

Many People in the entertainment industry favour an avant-garde and outrageous appearance. This of course is attention grabbing and a useful ploy when one's popularity is on the wane! Looking back in time there is no shortage of styles or "non – styles" to please.

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