Managing Womens Fertility

pregnantDuring the 40's and 50's women used rather awkward and unreliable methods to avoid falling pregnant and choices were limited to the insertion of vaginal jellies or the diaphragm, use of herbal douches and reliance on condoms, often termed rubbers, which were totally male controlled and compared to women, men enjoy a virtual life-time of fertility.

Then after years of extensive research, "the pill" as it became known, was launched in 1960, often labelled as "the greatest scientific invention of the 20th century". Now female hormones could be managed in a simple way by inhibiting fertility. This method had huge advantages, was easy to use and was "female controlled".

However, fast forward to 2014 and "egg freezing" may be our generations pill. According to reliable sources, female fertility starts to decline as early as 27 years of age and drops more rapidly around 35 years. A seminar on egg freezing reveals that a woman's egg count will already be reduced by half by the time she reaches puberty.  Egg freezing was originally developed to help preserve the eggs of cancer patients having chemotherapy but as far as the masses go, could now act as a kind of insurance policy of a different kind. Take for example women who are single, somewhat aging and fear of not being able to meet the right partner within the time span of being fertile enough to fall pregnant...

The process involves the surgical removal of healthy ova from the ovaries and are then stored in a laboratory until the individual feels that the time is ready to fall pregnant.  Egg freezing offers great advantages for women to build their careers and personal lives on a time-table of choice.
Women are afforded more time to "climb the corporate ladder" before bringing children into the world.

Some religions have strong opinions regarding sex and reproduction, but modern technology offering "no kill" methods, could modify previous dogmatic attitudes.

In a world overpopulated by millions, some form of birth control is an absolute priority. Many can welcome the present Pope's more lenient approach when he, in a poignant manner stated "that we need not be like rabbits" !!

From a corporate standpoint, covering selected employees makes good sense. Companies can recruit and retain talented women, who worry about time frames to a greater extent than men.

For women it is a great advantage to avoid costly and not always effective in vitro fertilization procedures.
Women today have greater autonomy over virtually all aspects of their lives, like marriage, career and birth control.

Lastly, women too have greater control over their income and spending on good body care, essential for those who hold prestigious positions and need to present a professional image.

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