The Silly Season

silly seasonOne can well imagine why this term applies and yet this is a joyful time for children! The summer holidays are in full swing and Christmas day approaches. After laboriously writing to Santa with quaint misspelt words and with the hope that the requested gifts will be delivered, anticipation is at an all time high.

For moms and dads all joy is most likely shelved for the time being, having deadlines to meet.
Even though parents may wish to disappear from the festive season, chances are that between year-end functions and school concerts, this is not going to happen and stress levels are bound to rise so a few survival tips follow.

Shop with a plan
Failing to have a plan of attack in the shops, is a sure-fire way to up stress levels. Have a list of those who will be receiving gifts. As more get-togethers are imminent, planning food is a priority.

A frazzled house-wife charging through the stores on Christmas eve, devastating all in her path, hardly demonstrates an air of elegance.

Yes the stores are going to be busy, but resisting the festive chaos is no help. Sure it is not easy stumbling over howling toddlers who are scared out of their wits by this big bearded man in red.
Take heart, January will, as always arrive !

Slow down
There is no need to over-commit oneself on the social scene. In any case most people are too busy to bear a grudge because some cannot attend every function that is held.

This is after all a time to be spent with loved ones.
If this time of year happens to be one's annual leave, then some time should be allocated for relaxation too.

Spend wisely
It is wise to have a pre-planned budget and fortunately at this time of year the stores have many discounted items. One need not be in debt to the extent that the months ahead are clouded with worry due to overspending. One special gift from the family can bring more cheer than a load of smaller unwanted items, neither should one be burdened with guilt if some arrives with extravagant presents.

Now, a few light-hearted jokes to lift the spirits:

A "big spender" was overheard saying "I think of Christmas all year round – My Visa card never lets me forget"
A quote from the child actress Shirley Temple "I stopped believing in Father Christmas when he asked me for my autograph"
And from the mouths of "worldly" kids:
"Mom, my email to Santa came back failed delivery but with a foreign message ahrjskfkzzxx t##2axcazxb#>>>ZZ80%%bb/.
"My dad told me that Santa travels the best way as sleighs do not pollute with carbon emissions.
From a "whiz-kid" It's dumb to think that Santa can keep flying without refuelling on the Soyez space station!

Finally, Matsimela has the answer to do away with the hazardous task of searching high and low for ideas.
A visit to a store will offer beautiful festive gifts & aromas second to none!