Healing Powers of the Dead Sea

dead seaIt is a well-known fact that the fascinating area of the middle east, a part of which became the state of Israel, is mentioned extensively in the Bible historically, RECORDS SPEAK of curative powers of the dead sea and adjacent springs.

According to the 1st century historian, Josephus, King Herod frequently bathed in spring waters to ease the aches and pains that tormented him writings of monks at different periods of time reinforce the healing properties of the region.

From a geographical aspect, the dead sea is dead meaning that it's waters cannot sustain life, but an abundance of visitors are to be found on it's shores to benefit from the therapeutic qualities. It is the lowest spot on earth, richest in concentrated minerals such as magnesium, potassium, iodine, bromide and many more.

The adjacent hot springs were formed at the meeting point of 2 geographical faults, resulting in rain water a thousand years old being trapped in the sub-strata. These waters with dissolved minerals became heated to temperatures prevailing at subterranean depths.

Besides the mineral content, the dead sea water has the highest atmospheric pressure on earth and the highest oxygen content.

Regarding the skin disease psoriasis, the dead sea is one of the most typical examples of a specific cure. The low ultra violet radiation allows sufferers long hours of exposure to sun without getting sunburnt. The curative properties of this type of sunlight and the dry humid-free air has given much relief where medications have failed.

Disorders of the blood are associated with the hydrostatic pressure which influences circulation. In the case of bronchial complaints, the dry air promotes better breathing.

Integrated into treatment with the waters is the therapeutic mud of the dead sea, formed by clay sediments, rich in compounds originating from animal and plant life plus hormones such as oestrogen.

Gently exfoliating the body with this mud results in satin smooth skin when washed off due to so many dead epidermal cells being sloughed off.

When it comes to cosmetics, Israeli women are just as enamoured with skincare as are those of other nationalities. Due to the harsh, dry mediterranean sun which wreaks havoc on the skin, companies have developed products to suit this environment. Those having minerals from the dead sea win the most accolades.

Feet too take quite a hammering, given the long dry summers and constant wearing of sandals. Some Israeli toiletries are environmentally friendly and carry the peta symbol, standing for 'peoples ethical treatment of animals'.

How astounding that in these modern times, we have access to natural healing due to ancient upheavals of the Earth's crust.

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