Cosmetic companies that are proudly South African

Proudly South African logoJUSTINE

The name originates from a heroin in a novel named Justine, who was mystical, dynamic, yet feminine and alluring.
This cosmetic house was founded 41 years ago in May 1973. The 2 founders, Veronica Devine and Paul Symes had a vision to launch a product especially designed for the harsh South African climate.

Their aim was to pioneer and develop a high quality range of natural and botanical skin care, with elegant, yet inexpensive packaging.
Their promotional method is one of person to person contact, known as direct selling. The professional training has afforded women from all walks of life with employment and inspiration to be successful.


In 1968 Dr Annique Theron stumbled upon the natural healing powers of the South African herb; rooibos when warming a bottle of tea for her baby who had an allergic reaction to mothers milk. Continuing with this she found that the infant was much calmer and slept through the night.

Rooibos tea is a scientifically proven remedy boasting advantages like; Anti-bacterial and viral properties, is an anti-oxidant and can be a cure for certain allergic reactions, has no caffeine and very low tannin from pure rooibos leaves.
In addition, a business opportunity is offered with unlimited income, a career with many rewards.


Dr Des Fernandes is a specialist in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery, being the founder of Environ, he pioneered the use of Vitamin A more than 20 years ago. His vision has been to produce exceptional skin care products through a philosophy of scientific research.

Although some cosmetic manufactures had already incorporated low doses of VIT A, he was the first person worldwide to introduce VIT A in higher effective doses . This vitamin heralded a new era in treating sun damaged skin and was found to have noticeable anti-ageing properties.

Environ skin care products are manufactured under strictly controlled laboratory conditions and are tested only on human volunteers.
Environ stockists are located throughout South Africa.


This luxurious body care range was developed by husband and wife team, Wayne and Olivia Nel inspired by their love of what nature has to offer.

In earlier times when the range was in it's infancy so to speak, the couple were invited by the DTI to exhibit Matsimela at one of the world's largest cosmetic shows in Italy and subsequently in other European cities and in the Far East. The brief at that time was to give exposure to a range with an African flavour. This opportunity alone inspired great faith in a newly created brand. Matsimela has attained its African image by including certain fragrances and colours in the toiletries, the theme being echoed in the packaging. A unique aspect of Matsimela is the hands on approach allowing customers to create gifts large or small having that individual touch.

Besides the retail element, Matsimela is proud to be in many health spas and wellness centres country-wide.

In conclusion consumers can purchase reputable beauty products as mentioned above, knowing that they are "proudly South African".