Allergies ` 6 of the weirdest!


Plants, animals and foods can all trigger negative reactions. In fact just about anything on the planet can cause an allergy. The system then fires itself up to a generally harmless stimulus, thinking that the particular foreign substance is meant to harm the body.

The physical signs result in anything from rashes, blisters, itching, sneezing and in serious cases breathing problems.
All cells contain histamines as an important weapon for fighting infection, but released in high quantities, can be devastating.
Basically, when an allergy occurs, the sufferer will need to use a precribed anti-histamine to counteract the effect.
Believe it or not, just a handful mentioned below have been placed on medical records.


The most obvious reaction comes about as a result of the nickel content in coinage, rather than a most unfortunate aversion to the supposed "root of all evil". However, money is known to be about the filthiest commodity on earth!
This reaction to nickel is also experienced with the wearing of earrings and other jewellery touching the skin.


Rather than a reaction to the product, the allergy is more likely caused by the inclusions like perfume and/or other ingredients.
Obviously a physical reaction poses a threat to personal hygiene and the sufferer will have to find alternate protection like baby powder or a medically prescribed item.

Mobile phones

At the mention of this, one could become instantaneously paranoid which is understandable, due to the worldwide dependence on cell phones.
Fear not, this is not as drastic as one's service provider going bankrupt - merely again a physical aversion to that troublesome metal, nickel, that can be found in handsets.
Besides that, humanity finds itself up close and personal with more electro-magnetism, microwaves and radiation than before.


The very act of kissing in itself does not carry the risk of an allergic reaction, but can be a perfect conduit of many others to sow the seeds of discord, if their partners had partaken of their particular poison. To put this into perspective, take the case of a Quebec woman who suffered from a near lethal peanut allergy, and became seriously ill after kissing her boyfriend who had eaten a peanut butter sandwich for lunch!


The mother of a young boy went from one medical practitioner to another to establish what was causing a red ring around the child's mouth resulting in a burning sensation. Finally a Dermatologist, after much perseverance with this case, discovered that cinnamon in the gum that he continually chewed was the culprit. Incidentally, the mother was found to have a reaction to latex and had to discard any underwear containing elastic, the straps on a bra being an example.


Be it the substance in one's beverage that sends a surge of life into one's veins at some ridiculous time of the morning, or a wonder drug that acts as an energy boost during the day, some unfortunate people cannot ingest the smallest amount without having to deal with a life threatening allergic reaction. Victims can experience anxiety attacks, palpitations and delusions and in the worst cases, seizures.

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