Freaks of Nature - when genes go awry

geneticsThe process of growing from a few cells to a fully formed adult is in itself a miracle, but can be fraught with evoluntionary tricks, such as one missing gene or chromosome, or one too many.

Development can be skewed in many odd ways leading to structural deformities.
During the 1900's no explicit movies or satellite television existed and so side shows and circuses provided the very thing showing hoards of human "freaks" and mutant varieties affecting human beings.
This amounted to a cruel form of abusive entertainment, with spectators taunting and mocking these poor outcastes of society.
Below are some examples of biological rarities, not to highlight their plight but emphasising that being born normal is like an heroic triumph over bodily adversity.


A handful live with this condition having abnormal, excessive hair on the face and body, more like that of animal fur than hair.
Hair in the nasal passages has to be removed to assist breathing, but when laser treatment is used on the body, the skin appears greenish and swollen.
One wolf boy on record having masses of facial hair, ran off into the woods and lived as a feral as he was socially marginalized.
Yet remarkable talents emerged later with his mastery of English, Russian and German!


Due to a deficiency of growth hormone this person was born weighing 227 grams with a height of a mere 17cms weighing less that a cat as a full adult; the smallest recorded human being on earth and the highest paid "dwarf" at the time!


This man, in comparison to others was huge and suffered from excessive growth hormone from the pituitary gland.
Despite his malformation he was a high earner appearing in the circus and several movies and mastered the art of sculpture, painting and writing of poetry .


He became one of the most disturbing freaks of nature at the time. He was born with a skin deficient of lipids [fats] which lubricate the skin and had similarities to scaly reptiles, even shedding skin each spring, as snakes do. He was unable to move the upper eyelids and blinked with the lower lids like a lizard. He married a fellow circus performer "the monkey girl" labelled such due to excess hair and they became known as the weirdest married couple.


Previously termed "Siamese Twins" they share the same blood and nervous system, truly feeling the same pain.
The causes could be related to the fertilized egg splitting incompletely or the abnormal fusion of two new embryos during development.
Much exposure has been given on the media regarding separation or maintaining the status quo.


Born in India with four arms and four legs this caused enormous attention as many believed that she was the reincarnation of the Hindu goddess, Lakshmi, the goddess of Prosperity. The deformity could have arisen during tissue formation or the degeneration of a conjoined twin, except for one or more limbs which ended up being attached to the other twin.
It has ultimately been decided that an operation will be undertaken in an attempt to bring normality to her body.

Whatever abnormalities exist, care of the body need not be neglected!

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