Plastic Surgery

plastic surgeryIf you are not happy with what you see in the mirror each day, you are not alone as millions of women and men undertake one or more types of plastic surgery each year.

Procedures are not necessarily cosmetic, as surgery plays a huge role in reversing the traumatic after effects of accidents, of deep burns or physical birth defects. However, concerning more religious readers, there is a biblical view; the sentiment being that it is unnatural to alter ones body, that charm is deceptive, beauty fleeting and that beautification of the inner self is more worthy...

Despite this, according to the American Plastic Surgery Institution, approximately 2 million people undergo procedures annually, the 4 most common being:

  1. Breast surgery – enlargement or reduction, the former being the most popular
  2. Ear surgery
  3. Eye and nose surgery
  4. Reduction of adipose tissue [fat] either by liposuction or surgery

A brief description of the procedures related to the above may be informative:

This procedure removes excess skin of the upper lid or the "baggy effect" of the lower lids, both of which can result in a less aged and tired appearance or to alter the appearance of oriental "slit eyes" for the much desired "round eyes" of their Western counterparts!

In fact South Korea is a well known plastic surgery "hot-spot" with Japanese, Chinese and other Oriental people flocking to this country for surgical procedures.

Anatomically, their upper eyelids are smooth and taut in appearance. Surgery creates a fold in the upper lid and the outcome results in "rounder eyes".

Do take note of the eyes of Oriental movie stars when next watching a "kung-fu" movie!!

This is also referred to as a " "Nose Job" - A procedure may involve altering the structure of bone and cartilage with removal or addition of either or both of the tissues. Typical "irregularities" real or imagined include noses that are too broad, too pointed, too large or having what is termed a "hook nose".
Rhinoplasty is most successful in enhancing appearance.

A cosmetic procedure, the aim is to restructure the cartilage of the outer ear [the pinna] and "pin back" the protruding ears.
No physical characteristic cries out more for surgery than protruding ears. Children have long been the victims of cruel nick-naming like Dumbo or Mickey Mouse, most demoralising and affecting a child's self-confidence. The procedure is undertaken once the ears have grown to full size.

Breast surgery
The reduction of size involves removal of excess fatty and fibrous tissue, whereas augmentation increases breast size with a choice of recommended implants.

Adipose removal
There is a choice of 2 procedures, the first being the extraction of fat, literally sucked out with liposuction, the other via an apronectomy, [think the position of an apron] with folds of fat being surgically removed which droop downwards.

Changes made in the beauty Industry
Naturally, these modifications are not carried out surgically, but research is on-going to maintain the interest of the public in an ever competitive industry. These changes are many such as ground breaking studies in the cosmetic field world-wide. MatsiMela's association with many organisations & suppliers, capitalizes where they can – incorporating some to of the most phenomenal & interesting extracts and oils on the market available in SA.