The bodies reaction to the environment

sensesOur bodies are offered unique protection from the environment due to highly specialized sensors [corpuscles] throughout the body.

It is generally accepted that we are "hard-wired" with instincts that keep us alive.
Primitive man was inflicted by many of the same dangers as we experience today but his ability to deal with fire, floods, drought, wild animals and so on was compromised in many ways. Scientists and Anthropologists sometimes differ in their theories and many conclusions drawn are as a result of cave drawings, statues, symbols and the like.


However it is generally thought that once an occurrence or event was registered as real, that image would be instilled in their brains, The recollection gave the power to confront similar events fearful or otherwise, being basic survival tactics.

Human beings have a multitude of senses such as sight, smell, hearing and taste. The skin has 5 types of sensors and as the physiology is complex, these will be discussed briefly below.

These sensors respond to physical events like heat, cold, pressure, pain and touch, which are received by the brain via nerve impulses and interpreted in the brain in order that action can occur to lessen the danger.

Our body fluids are adjusted thereby producing more perspiration in order to cool the system via evaporation and less urine on hot days. A greater flow of blood reaches the skin so that heat can be lost via thermal radiation.

Once again the body reacts by sending more blood to our internal organs, vital to sustaining life and less to the skin.
Being "blue with cold" certainly puts this into perspective!

Excessive pressure can be most uncomfortable. Sensors in the skin will then react to eliminate the discomfort.
No doubt we have all felt the agonising pressure exerted by a firm hand-shake of one wishing to make acquaintance!

There are many causes of this dreadful sensation which can be a combination of heat, cold, pressure etc...
It is interesting to mention, that in the case of severe burns, where nerves are destroyed, pain can be absent.

The least severe of the 5 senses, but can be rather irritating to those having ultra-sensitive skins.
A hair tickling the neck, a hand sweeping across a spider-web are just two of many examples of this sensation.

Finally, how do these 5 senses relate to Beauty treatments?

During COLD periods a salon or health spa will ensure a comfortable working temperature and offer clients a form of covering.
A body massage with firm PRESSURE will stimulate the blood flow to the upper layer of skin, ensuring warmth.

If a sauna treatment is offered intense HEAT will be felt followed by a COLD dip or shower..
Some massage incorporates HOT stones to enhance the treatment.

Softer, lighter massage strokes having merely a gentle TOUCH will ensure calm and relaxation.
Hopefully any PAIN might only be minimal and could be an after-effect from a deep sports massage.

Within the MATSIMELA ranges, a variety of different products are available such as our rich Shea based body butters or mild aloe moisturizer ' all enhancing the sensations which go hand in hand with body care.