Skin care during winter

winter-skin-careWinter is upon us once again having unique qualities.
Gone are the long, balmy, hot days of summer, instead later sunrises and earlier sunsets occur, with shorter, colder days . Our country is frequently termed "Sunny South Africa" but we do never-the-less experience winter, albeit less severe than those of the far northern countries and so one has to adapt and tailor one's lifestyle accordingly.

Winter can bring on more than a rosy glow to the cheeks. Besides attempting to survive the onslaught of bacteria and viruses more attention should be focused on the skin and nails.

The following tips will ensure that one's body remains in pristine condition!

A cardinal rule during winter is to continually use a good moisturizer on the face and neck, preferably the type that has a built in ingredient like glycerine, having the ability to draw moisture from the atmosphere, in other words is hydroscopic.

It is wise to get professional advice if one's usual routine is not adequate. It is interesting that a leading American dermatologist states that it is not necessary to spend a fortune on products as many of the high-end ones are padded due to the packaging and marketing expenses involved. What is important is how one's skin responds.

Cold, dry weather is detrimental to the health of the nails and surrounding cuticles, the latter becoming excessively dry. An oily medium massaged into nails and cuticles daily will counteract the problems.

Dryness of skin is a common problem during winter, and as soon as one turns on the heat indoors, this exacerbates the problem. It is essential to have a humidifier to balance the moisture content of the air.

When outdoors, neglecting to apply sunscreen lotion is not a good idea. The dry, crisp air often allows for a greater penetration of ultra violet rays, one of the skin's main enemies.

Feet can suffer terribly in winter so it is essential to avoid painful cracks on the heels. A good exfoliation will remove dead cells followed by a "grease-up" with a rich body or foot cream . Wearing socks overnight is a great help to retain warmth and penetration of a product.

Hands, which are so exposed to the elements really need to be pampered with a product richer than a lotion, rather a cream-based butter. As the skin on the hands is thinner and has fewer oil glands, it is not surprising that hand suffer so and show one's age!

Soaking in a hot bath is sheer bliss in winter but there is a downside to this as moisture can be lost. The heat breaks down the lipid barrier of the skin. Lipids are natural fats in the epidermis which ensure that the skins' moisture remains intact.

Well, there you have it and what a godsend that MATSIMELA has every product in the range to conquer the downside of winter. From mineral oil based sugar and salt exfoliants to rich Shea based body butters; one of our products is sure to do the trick!