FATHER’S DAY ` Sunday 15th June

fathers dayFather's day was created to compliment Mother's day in celebration of fatherhood, paternal bonds and the role of a father in society.
Surprisingly, this occasion is far older then we believe it to be.
In the ruins of Babylon a clay tablet was discovered inscribed by a boy named Elmesu, praising his father with kind words.
There are many kinds of Dads such as single dads, step dads and grandfathers all of whom could have significant influence in the lives of others.
Regarding dads, one should bear in mind that many men have more difficulty in expressing their feelings to their children and this could give an impression that love is lacking. This is sad because fathers who love dearly demonstrate love in other ways like working long hours to provide comfort or save for their children's future.

Fathers come from many walks of life; Army, Navy, Medicine or Law, Church, Nobility or Nothing at all!

A few meaningful lines echo a father's sentiments:
Being a father to a son
Brings a mans heart so much joy
One can't think how the world would be
Without a precious little boy

Spoiling one's dad can take on many forms of giving but the golden rule is to give that which is personal and will be enjoyed, not necessarily extravagant but meaningful. Besides the usual treats, those mentioned below may be a little more inspiring!

A beer loving dad

Why not treat him to a visit to a pub or a tavern, provided that this outing is offered from one being 18 years or older! In this type of environment, men bond with other men and would delight a dad.

A music lover

If his taste in music is known, then the vast array of DVD's from which to make a choice will not be a problem and the gift will enthral him.

The car fanatic

A gift for this father presents no problem. A huge array items are available for polishing, protecting and enhancing the inner fragrance of this "hulk of metal" he so treasures !

The intellect

This type of dad likes to have his knowledge tested. More adult children could write down a list of really obscure words from the dictionary, then test Dad's ability to give the meanings.

A golfing dad

A healthy outdoor activity can bring the family together, participating in Miniature golf. Hopefully dad will obtain the highest score !

The father who enjoys a challenge

This type of dad will love a ride in a hot-air balloon, will test his skills with abseiling or hang gliding and bring out the "tarzan" in him as he flies through a forest on Zip lines, also named canopy tours.

The dad who enjoys some pampering

How fortunate that with Sunday the 15th fast approaching MATSIMELA can offer all loving wives, sons and daughters the opportunity to spoil their dads rotten with a selection of MatsiMela products.

The Rooibos & Honey range is specially formulated with Rooibos tea which acts as an excellent anti-oxidant. Dads will love the masculine scent of the products!
With every purchase of only R50.00 – you can stand the chance of winning a Vanilla Sandalwood hamper to the value of R300.00.