Coffee, detrimental to health or not… That is the question

CoffeeCoffee still remains the most popular beverage and people around the world drink more than 400 billon cups of coffee every year and is a ritual that many cannot live without!
Excuse me if I break away for a few moments, I suddenly have a yearning for a cup of coffee!

Common beliefs about many foods has changed over the years and yet rumours travel fast regarding a certain product or food and therefore it is easy to be swayed by public opinion where research reveals otherwise.

Coffee has a long history of being blamed for many ills, but recent research has shown that it is not so bad after all. So why has there been a reversal in thinking about coffee?
Mainly because as research becomes more accurate the benefits are becoming obvious.

For one thing it is thought that it could reduce the risk of liver and prostate cancer, might lower the risk of heart failure and the intake of 200 mg's of coffee per day can boost one's long term memory thereby delaying dementia, might protect one from Parkinson's disease and type 2 Diabetes. Other than increasing one's energy levels, Caffeine is loaded with anti-oxidants and is low in kilojoules.

On the flip side of the coin intake depends on how the body reacts and will determine much.
Some may react by experiencing acid reflux from the stomach, a hyped up situation leading to sleeplessness, rapid heartbeat and frequent passing of urine, the reason being that coffee is a diuretic.

And if you thought that coffee was purely a beverage to drink, think again.
Many products contain caffeine such as teas, energy and weight loss drinks, ice cream, chocolate , chewing gum, cakes and biscuits and Mocha beverages being a combination of cocoa and coffee made even more scrumptious with an added dollop of cream.

Beauty and the bean

Waking up to the aroma of coffee has taken on a whole new meaning. A trend has been brewing lately, that extracts of the coffee bean and the fruit [that which harbours the bean itself] have the advantage of perking up the skin.
Examples of some include anti-ageing night and eye creams, body butters, cleansers, ground coffee body scrubs and many more!
Coffee has also been used to flavour beauty products like lipsticks, lip balms and nail varnish usually tinged with a variety of shades, from café latte to the dark exotic blends.

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