Nature, A marvellous source of ingredients

can oil 1The philosophical study of nature was dominant before the development of modern science and our ancestors knew of the cures offered.

Sadly as time advanced many became reliant on synthetic substances and tended to exist within the structure of a man-made world.
Fortunately we have awoken to the fact that the knowledge of the ancients has acted as a precursor to a return to that which is natural.
This week's article will focus on just a few of the many oils extracted from plants, seeds, nuts and so on being used in the health and cosmetic industry.

And discussed alphabetically below:

  • Almond – rich and fragrant used to nourish skin, nails, cuticles , dry heels etc
  • Avocado and Apricot – both offer superb nourishment
  • Baobab – the oil is derived from the seeds, absorbs quickly and does not clog the pores, replacing the skin with fatty acids
  • Cocoa butter – sourced from the cacao plant used in many creams and balms
  • Cashew – this oil may have value in fighting tooth cavities
  • Evening primrose - derived from the seeds of yellow flowers that bloom at night. The oil is usually presented in capsule form and has cosmetic and medicinal uses
  • Grapeseed- the compressed seeds of grape fruit yield this oil , which in earlier times was used for making soap
  • Hazelnut – this oil has found to have astringent purposes
  • Lemon – this pungent oil is frequently used for aromatherapy
  • Marula – a uniquely African oil extracted from the kernels, having a pleasant nutty fragrance
  • Macadamia - sourced from nuts of the same name. The oil has many health benefits, being high in Vitamin A and anti-oxidants and has potential to lower cholesterol
  • Olive – most commonly known and incorporated in a vast number of beauty preparations
  • Orange – Another pungent oil used to add fragrance to a variety of products
  • Sesame - the seeds are compressed to yield this fragrant oil widely used in the middle and far east, not only in cooking but as a body massage for de-toxification
  • Shea butter – this is commonly produced by poor African women and extensively used in many creams and balms and as a replacement for cocoa butter
  • Tea tree – a real " gem" of an oil , Australian in origin, having anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, a favourite with podiatrists tcombat Athletes foot. In a diluted from it can even be used on animals with correct advice given
  • Wheat germ – this oil is high in Vitamin A often termed the skin vitamin. This oil is used both in the cosmetic industry and for nutritional purposes

Many products on the shelves use synthetic oils in order to cut costs. One may be lured by the inflated prices but ultimately benefits can only be derived from the genuine inclusions.
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