The benefits of body massage

massageMassage has been an integral part of healing through the ages and was relied on for good health by previous civilizations.
Today one can choose from among 80 therapy styles having a wide variety of movements ranging from applied pressure, stroking, kneading, tapping and so on.

Before one makes a choice, certain questions need to be answered . Is the massage needed for stress relief, muscular tension, injury, poor circulation or any unique problems? A therapist may also customize a massage or combine various techniques, depending on age, health and input from the client.
Some of the more popular methods are listed below :

Swedish Massage

This is the most common and well known techniques, being prevalent in Western countries.
One may call this a basic type of massage and the most common and ideal for "first timers" who wish to be introduced to a routine; not too vigorous.
Movements are performed on the superficial muscle layers using oil or lotion.

Stone Massage

The stones are usually derived from smooth basalt rock, rich in iron , being excellent for heat retention. These are placed on specific areas like the back, hands, thighs and so on to relax taut muscles, improve circulation and calm the nervous system. The therapist may also hold the stones, using them as a massage tool.
Some therapists incorporate hot stones or chilled stones in a routine. A competent therapist must have excellent knowledge regarding this combined method.

Thai Massage

This has originated from the traditional medical systems of the Far East and was developed around 2,500 years ago in India.
This may also be called Thai Yoga, a very different method whereby the therapist uses his or her hands, knees, legs and feet for muscle compression, joint mobilization and acupressure. The end result may be compared with the stretches achieved when doing yoga. This is more vigorous massage with deeper pressure, the technique being more specialized.


Japanese body work might be a suitable term with the use of finger pressure in a rhythmic sequence on the acupuncture meridians, each point held for 2-8 seconds in order to improve the flow of energy. The end result is relaxing, despite firm pressure being used and usually no soreness is felt afterwards.

Neck and shoulder massage

Many experts say that business is booming since the introduction of the laptop!! Because of altered posture, especially lowering of the head, neck and shoulder muscles react negatively and tension results. Added to this, the fact that one's head weighing 5 to 7 kilograms, puts a great deal of stress on the neck and shoulders.
Whiplash from car accidents can have repercussions even years later. Regular and skilled massage assists with tight bound up areas and will help to lengthen taut muscles and provide relief. Skilled massage is needed for posture that is out of alignment.

Pre-natal massage

Not much research has been forthcoming. The unique changes in a woman's body such as excess pressure on the skeletal system, hormonal shifts and Oedema which manifests as excess fluid in the ankles and legs, can all contribute to various forms of discomfort. It would be wise to locate an expert in this field before under taking treatment.

In conclusion

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