All about Easter

easter-mondayBesides being a highlight on the Christian calendar, Easter brings much joy ensuring leisure time with one's family, great excitement for little children who rise at dawn to see if the Easter bunny has brought those scrumptious chocolate eggs and hoping that mums will be lenient regarding "all that sugar that is making you climb the walls"!!

Traditionally, it is said that Easter is a Pagan celebration the word originating from the goddess of spring, Eastre.

This seasonal event, namely the arrival of Spring in the northern hemisphere, worshipped new life and new growth, but from a religious viewpoint it is interesting to be familiar with the significance of the Christian holidays, all relating to the celebration of Christ's rising.

Shrove Tuesday
This day signified a period to confess one's sins and transgressions.

Ash Wednesday
This originates from the ash rubbed on the foreheads of those seeking redemption.

Maundy Thursday
This day celebrates the last supper and the washing of the feet.

Good Friday
Most likely the oldest celebration, the "good" may have been derived from the word God, or due to a strong belief that good would result from this torturous event.

Palm Sunday
A joyful day, with Jesus's triumphant entry into Jerusalem!

The above makes good sense, but on a lighter note, one may ask, why is Easter associated with eggs, bunnies, chicks and lilies?
Well ' Eggs from chickens are symbolic of new life, whereas rabbits play a role in fertility due to their rapid reproduction!
As for lilies; the white lily symbolizes purity, virtue and hope, the spiritual essence of Easter.

The following activities will give parents some time to prepare for the Easter weekend:

  • Youngsters can be occupied with crafts involving hardboiled eggs, courtesy of mums!
  • Using coloured koki pens faces can be drawn on the intact shells and a few coloured paints could inspire artistic abilities!
  • A few bits of textured fabric smeared with different coloured paint, then pressed onto the shells can result in some great "modern art"
  • Silver and gold stars used in school books, stuck onto shells give a festive metallic finish
  • A colourful "Easter Tree" can be created with easter eggs being tied onto branches with narrow ribbon the night before
  • And alternately these creations can be put into a bread basket lined with shredded paper and placed on the breakfast table on Easter morning

Besides the pleasure of chocolate over this period - Hot cross buns are synonymous with Easter, a sweet, spicey bun traditionally eaten over the Easter period, up until Good Friday.
The cross stands as a symbol of the Crucifixion.

Finally the MATSIMELA team would like to wish all our customers a peaceful, safe and blessed Easter.