April Fool's Day


Practical jokes and hoaxes synonymous with the first of April revert to the fourteenth century and have lost none of the fervour to this day.
People around the world have the time of their lives concocting up pranks both hilarious, scary and at time quite disastrous.

However, these should not be intended to damage a person physically or emotionally.

This tradition also illustrates just how gullible all of us can be – some will thoroughly enjoy the prank, others, lacking a sense of humour will be furious that they have been hoodwinked. No doubt the prankster will be delighted that a result was achieved!

Below are some of the endless number of varied pranks that have been carried out and taken most seriously.

  • Some years back the media announced that on the 1st of April Climatologists had come to the conclusion that the equator had to be moved northwards. As one can imagine, to the believers, this caused incredible pandemonium!
  • In 1957 the BBC announced that the Swiss had invented freshly grown spaghetti that could be harvested . The resulting scramble for this "product" was phenomenal.
  • In 1960 the Nederland's media published a photograph of the Leaning tower of Pisa lying flat on the ground. Both shock and a state of mourning resulted temporarily.
  • In 2003 a student in Hong Kong spread a rumour on the internet that half of the population had been infected with SARS. This was taken so literally that the city, port and airport were closed down and mass panic resulted
  • In 2007, a person with great imagination created an image on the internet of a 6 cm tall corpse of a fairy that sold on EBay for 280 Sterling!
  • More recently in England a look-alike Kate Middleton was placed in a store choosing baby outfits, this long before William even proposed to her!
  • And yet another, a valuable item was hidden in a friend's home, the outcome being accusation of theft!

Now we wait in anticipation for the arrival of the 1st of April 2014 to see what ingenious people have up their sleeves.

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