Fat: A weighty matter indeed

weight-loss-450x298As the metabolism of fat is quite an involved process this article will not become too technical, but focus on the basics of this process, neither will it impose upon the readers any of the "quick-fix" diets or any others.

The physiology commences with the secretion of insulin from the pancreas and acts on cells especially those of the liver, muscles and fatty tissues.

Insulin then instructs the body to absorb fatty acids, amino acids and glucose. The fat molecules in the bloodstream are then absorbed by the fat cells.


If excess fat is taken in one's diet, these fat cells swell in size. Only so much fat is required by the body for energy, the rest will be stored and then a person is on the road to obesity. "The golden rule is "Whatever excess is taken in must go out". In other words intake must not exceed output otherwise too many fatty acids are stored.

As discussed in previous articles no foods or beverages can "melt body fat".
Cardio exercise will deplete excess fat reserves when the heart-rate is accelerated after a period of 40 minutes.
Obesity in South Africa is higher than in any other African countries and has become a chronic problem, so severe that Bheki Cele former National Police Chief recommended that each of the then 200000 police employees be subjected to fitness and body fat testing. Members of the police force were requiring bigger uniforms almost every year and Cele said "fat policeman cannot give chase to criminals"!

Because the youth are becoming fatter and fatter on take-away foods a large percentage are overweight.
Statistically a healthy 17 year old should consume around 10,000 kj's per day of which less that 30% should be fat.

So there you have it! The good news is that one does not become obese overnight and there's no point in having the sentiment that slim friends are "lucky". Luck does not feature, sustained effort does. When the scale tilts a little higher and clothes are that much tighter it is time to take action and the outcome is just so worth it

Part and parcel of a healthy regime is to have an eating plan for life as opposed to dieting and not to view this as punishment. In fact reward yourself with good quality products like MATSIMELA'S African exfoliating mud scrub to exfoliate dead cells followed by a gentle massage with your favourite blend of massage oil.