celluliteThe term for this rather unsightly skin condition first made it's appearance in the 1920's the earliest reference seen in Vogue Magazine in America, which sped like wildfire across the Atlantic!

This condition affects 70% of women but is rarely seen in men.
Although generally assumed that cellulite is linked to obese persons, it can also affect thin ones and has actually been seen in the legs of marathon runners.


In a world where women are in continual search of perfection, cellulite is regarded as a condition that compromises a beautiful appearance.
The outdoor lifestyle offered by high levels of sunshine in South Africa is not conducive to covering up the body, let alone the resulting discomfort in hot weather.

The term cellulite sounds like a medical condition, but basically it is nothing more than fat beneath the skin.
This fat appears bumpy because it pushes against connective tissue, causing the skin to pucker.
On the other hand the term cellulitis is a serious medical condition with inflammation in the tissues, having various causes.


There are a number of reasons for so called cellulite to form, namely;
• Poor eating habits
• Fad diets
• Hormonal factors, why women are affected
• Lack of physical exercise which might slow one's metabolism
• Overweight , that is excess body fat
• Dehydration
• Weakened collagen and elastin fibres
• Lymphatic and circulatory disorders
• The thickness of the skin


Instructors in the Department of Dermatology at Harvard Medical School comment that there is no outstanding treatment for cellulite.
However recommendations made by Cosmetic and health companies offer the following advice:

Cellulite creams and gels – these are said to dissolve fat, which is highly improbable
Body wraps incorporating heat – this method will stimulate the production of perspiration only
Liposuction- this surgical procedure removes deep fat, not that in the upper layers causing cellulite
Jacuzzi treatment - this is excellent for muscle stimulation but again, will not reduce fat

The list goes on and on but I think it is safe to say that those who are convinced that products and treatments will live up to expectation, must judge the outcome for themselves.

Getting into the gym, going for a jog around the block or just doing your favourite form of exercise is one step closer to firming your body and keeping the cellulite at bay. To all of us who have cellulite – may we wish ourselves luck!!