Embracing a new year

A New YearThe holidays have come to an end and it is time to face what lies ahead in a New Year.
Some of us will be positive and excited, others find this all too daunting as issues like finances, job security, offering the best for our families all play a vital role in how one's mental attitude is affected
Many children will be facing new challenges such as the first day at nursery school or entering 'proper school'.

The excitement of buying uniforms, school bags, lunch boxes and so on can wane as the first day arrives. Not to mention the apprehensive parents who could well have to face tearful moments and becoming stressful on departing from these tender souls!! But given time all ends well.

Remaining cheerful is not always easy, not for the rich or the needy.
Just think of the rather bizarre contrasts which come to mind '
Wealthy people have continual worries of sustaining their wealth, especially in a difficult financial climate whereas the poor have no such luxurious thoughts upon which to ponder.
The affluent continually fret about their safety at posh dinner parties, fearful that electric fences, razor rail, armed response and vicious dogs will still not protect them, whereas the needy have no such protection whatsoever and probably battle to feed themselves let alone an animal.

On the political front, 2014 is significant to the country as an election is looming and the 20th anniversary of democracy arrives since the ANC came into power in 2004.
Thinking positively one should be ever grateful that our country is not at war resulting in thousands of innocent refugees seeking a place of safety, nor do we suffer terrible earth quakes and tsunamis and horrific weather patterns that devastate man, beast and the environment.

On a lighter note, there is much to be said regarding those famous new year resolutions, the trouble being that these are usually made when one has had too much champagne, kissing people late into the night for all the wrong reasons and forgetting that the first of January will dawn!!

And so, if the motivation is lacking to face 2014, the following suggestions may assist:
Be mindful, in other words plan: have direction instead of shuffling through life in a disorganized manner.

Connect with others around you and be less self absorbed. You will be amazed how uplifting this can be. Sad as it might be for many to hear, the verdict is out, "social media has it's advantages but makes one shallow"!

Be of service to others, be involved in the community and take a stand in helping animals that endure awful cruelty or work for any number of charities.
The compassionate Gandhi once said "If you want to know yourself, serve others"

In closing the team at MATSIMELA wish all customers a healthy and successful year ahead and look forward to your continued support.