Secretaries Day' 4th of September

secretaryIf you have any notion that a secretary is an attractive female sitting at a desk outside of her employer's office, with time to file her nails, as often portrayed in Hollywood comedies, well think again!


The dictionary defines a secretary as follows:
A secretary acts as a support to senior level professionals and her role can be extremely challenging. She is there to support , manage, must have organizational and communication skills and the ability to tackle many administrative duties.

In previous times, without modern technology available, tasks were laboriously slow and skills were more simplistic than in today's world.

Take for example in 1870 Sir Isaac Pitman founded a school where students learned shorthand. This of course was a time saver in terms of communication and a real break-through in those times.

Then in 1880 the typewriter was invented and although by modern standards antiquated, its use eliminated much hand written work.
Today these old fashioned " gadgets " have been replaced by computer driven machines like word processors and many more.

Traditionally a secretary's work is related to book-keeping, correspondence, like typing of letters, maintaining files and budgets and upgrading websites.

She must have knowledge of various computer programs, be capable of creating spread-sheets and preparation of documents for review.

In a large corporation a secretary could well be expected to see to travel arrangements, organizing high level conferences and even be in charge of catering for these important events.

In addition there are employment opportunities needing extensive expertise where secretaries specialize in legal, educational and maritime positions, for example

And now for a few fun filled moments. A comparison between a secretary and the SECRETARY BIRD whose habitat is mainly Sub-Saharan Africa, some of its characteristics being :

VIGILANT REGARDING PREDATORS – The contented, well paid secretary will fight to preserve her position
STRIKING IN APPEARANCE has the ability to deal with pests- very much within a secretary's daily tasks.
TERRESTIAL AND GUARDS ITS HABITAT – Indeed, a secretary will not take interference within her domain
THE SECRETARY BIRD DOES MORE WALKING THAN FLYING - Absolutely, the secretary walks miles, back and forth in an office and rarely flies with her boss

And lastly a word of praise for all the hard-working secretaries' May you be spoiled and acknowledged for all your hard work and enjoy SECRETARIES DAY on September the 4th!

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