The Month of August

AugustAugust is a rather unsettling month in some ways as one has the feeling that winter is coming to an end and yet spring has not yet truly arrived, though new growth is apparent and odd blossoms make an encouraging announcement that the season is changing.

It is the position of the sun in relation to the earth that dictates the seasons; the start of spring, the spring equinox, is the halfway point between winter and summer.
The 21st of September being significant. So awaiting this change there are some health issues which may be discussed and at the same time some myths to expel.


Allow me to highlight some rather negative beliefs

One is sure to catch a cold being out of doors during winter.
Actually, being out in the fresh air is a good way of preventing colds caused by the spread of germs and viruses in closed and crowded conditions. Think of the masses of commuters daily in trains and buses and should one dare to suggest the opening of a window, one does so at one's own peril!
Depression is at an all-time high during winter with grey skies and chilly air.
This is by no means proven as depression is generally brought on by more serious conditions.
A day minus sunshine is rather like a flat battery, but not a precursor for depression.

One loses most of one's body heat through the head so wearing a hat, beret etc. is important.
The truth is one loses heat from any part of the body. One would be better off with greater cover afforded by a warm coat

One needs more sleep in winter. This probably originates from the comfort of being under the duvet during cold weather and that cosy feeling of warmth. In fact too much sleep slows the metabolism and can leave one feeling a bit dazed the next day.

The 'flu injection' will give one flu. Actually the serum contains only mild flu virus particles, which stimulate anti-flu immunity. In fact it is important that the elderly have a regular shot.

Is there any truth in those "pearls of wisdom "which are often fed to children and appear to endure year after year. For example that famous one "feed a fever, starve a cold ".
Actually feeding the body with good nutrients is an excellent way to replenish the body and ward off infections. And if, at your place of work you have a tissue box on the one side and a pack of cough drops on the other, the thought of a nourishing evening meal is so good for the soul and as for a bowl of chicken soup, say no more!

Whether one likes it or not there is no doubt that skin, hair and nails do need that extra bit of attention at this time of year!

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