The association between fragrance and allergic reactions

spraying-perfumeOur environment is so complex and thousands of allergens exist therein. This article will focus on reactions to fragrance in the form of dermatitis and headaches.


It may sound like a strange question, but what exactly is a headache? Well most definitely some form of pain within the head.

Headaches can arise from many disorders and the 3 primary ones are caused by tension with muscular contractions in the scalp and the neck, migraine arising from vascular dilation and cluster headaches which manifest with severe stabbing pain.

The purpose of this article is not to become involved medically but to establish whether perfume can cause headaches and allergies.


Some experts say that this is questionable, but research reveals the contrary.
A headache related to fragrance can more likely be classified as an allergic reaction.

Here are a few common examples:

You catch a whiff of a colleague's new perfume and within minutes you have a whopper of a headache.
You visit a neighbour and a nasty headache overcomes you, then you discover that she has been burning a perfumed candle.
Your favourite woman's magazine arrives and due to a new fragrance insert a headache develops.

We do to an extent have control over the elimination of allergens in our own homes, but our senses are assaulted in a multitude of places like the workplace, on public transport, at places of entertainment and so on.

Being forced to breathe in others' perfume is not unlike being forced to breathe in others' cigarette smoke.
Matters can even reach a climax. Imagine the government employee in the United States who is suing her employer for fragrance toxicity in the workplace. The case is pending!

It is hard to imagine what smells divine to one person causes miserable symptoms in another.


"Scent sells" and most products in the world are fragranced. But fragrances themselves are most complex and some typical reactions are itching, burning and redness accompanied by sneezing and watery eyes.

According to experts in the field, 5000 different fragrances and many combinations employed today can result in a powerful toxic brew!

Chemicals too play a role. Those labelled "unscented" rely on a host of chemicals to dampen the scent.
Single-note perfumes like Rose and freesia may cause less problems than multi-component scents.
Potential allergens in the cosmetic industry may include oak moss, clove, cinnamon, sandalwood, citronella, musk etc. but there is no cause for panic as the most likely sufferers will be highly sensitive individuals.

Take the case of the young boy who continually had red, blistery lesions around his mouth. A dermatologist finally discovered that he was allergic to the cinnamon in the chewing gum he favoured!

Finally, rare are the people who would wish to eliminate fragrance. How bland an existence would be!

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