Women's Month

women monthWriting an article in praise of women is a tricky one.

Why? Because throughout the ages a woman's phenomenal achievements are just too many to mention!

It is said that males and females provide balance in society, generally males being more dominate and women being the gentler sex with softer and more sympathetic qualities.

But ultimately each gender has the benefits of overpowering the other.
Obviously women are unique having the anatomy to carry a child, can be more compassionate than men and tend to have a special sense of intuition.


Women are often admired for their inner beauty and serenity, yet in leadership positions can be assertive and persuasive, have good inter-personal skills and often the sting of rejection leads to greater achievement.

With the month of August being dedicated to women, praise must be given to women from all walks of life.

  • And so to the single mums who face great challenges, both emotional and financial and do what is best for their children within their capacity.
  • To the women who, in the face of great difficulties honour their wedding vows, by remaining loyal and faithful.
  • Others, who toil endlessly to feed, clothe and even home unwanted children.
  • To the women whose marriages have failed, and yet find the strength to "soldier on".
  • To those who are driven by the deterioration of the environment inspiring others to clean up the filth and debris around us and to the artists who use only recycled materials to produce amazing end results!
  • To the women who are physically challenged but are not deterred and are deservingly awarded medals in sporting activities.
  • And to those who in spite of the male dominance in politics strive to make positive inroads.
  • Sadly those who have been married to men in the police force and are now widowed due to the bravery of their spouses.
  • Praise goes to the women of all faiths who dedicate time and money to assemble food and medical supplies to be sent to war zones.

And thumbs up to those who dig deep into their pockets to feed unwanted and injured animals and to pay off hefty vet bills.

The list goes on and on but mention must be made of a new occurrence in that selected Afghan women are being accepted to join the armed forces in a country where intense sensitivity exists regarding the searching of women by men. These recruits can now play a pivotal role in halting assistance in future acts of terrorism.

Finally, some humour to end this week's article, but not to overstate the emotional sensitivity of women who have the ability to cry instantly over a broken nail or a misplaced front door key.

The ability of some super power at work to see a hair from 10 metres away on a husbands suit, not belonging to her, and how desperately tired she is of being in the kitchen, but can walk at least 5 metres during a shopping trip, or is enraged if her husband gives the wrong answer to the question of her figure!

What indeed would this world be without women!!