Pregnancy and your new baby

preggieJuly has certainly been a month of great excitement regarding the birth of William and Kate's baby.

Now that his Royal Highness George has arrived, the media frenzy will hopefully subside, till the dear boy's future "photo-ops".

However, what about the many ordinary women who are "expecting" and may need some good old fashioned information to assist them through this period when the body experiences vast changes?


How true is the saying that women are glowing and radiant during pregnancy?

In real life future moms have to endure many changes due to hormonal fluctuations. The signs can vary. For example pigmentation of the skin can manifest as darkness around the nipples and brownish blotches on the face known as the "mask of pregnancy ". This condition can persist and it is recommended that sun screen lotions should be applied regularly.

The additional pigmentation is due to an increase in melanin production, not unexpected. Hair growth can occur in unusual places, rashes, pimples and stretch marks are common, all of which do not detract from the joy of the up and coming birth as many of these usually diminish after the birth.
Hair that normally falls does not occur during pregnancy, but will do so after the birth. It is this occurrence that sends women into a frenzy, imagining that they are going bald!

Some myths regarding pregnancy

Double helpings of ice-cream and chocolate sauce are fine but all in moderation.
Yes one is eating for two but a woman falling pregnant within her normal weight needs only about 300 extra calories per day and that does not amount to masses of food or sticky delights.

Tinting one's hair affects the baby

There is no need to have one's roots showing as the amount of tint absorbed by the skin is minimal. However the fumes from the chemicals may cause nausea in an expecting mom.

Hot baths can stimulate a miscarriage

The heat to avoid is that from a sauna or stimulation form a Jacuzzi as the body temperature may heat to over 102 degrees.

A big baby is better than a small one

Not at all, in fact large infants are more likely to be prone to diabetes and obesity later in life.

Cocoa butter prevents stretch marks

No, in fact it can make the skin more sensitive than usual.

Birthmarks are from the Devil!

A ridiculous myth; birthmarks can be treated later in life if unsightly or problematic, be they vascular or pigmented.

Fish has no place on the dinner plate

White fish is high in omega 3 fatty acids which promote growth of the baby's brain. However, raw fish like sushi should not be eaten as there may be a risk of contamination.

Body scanners and X-rays at airports will harm unborn babies

The truth is that the amount of radiation being absorbed is minimal.
But on the topic of flying, pregnant women with cardiac or respiratory problems should get the all clear from a medical source.

Unfortunately babies do not arrive with an instruction manual and nervous mothers should try to relax as babies are tougher than one thinks. Massaging the baby is good not only for the baby, but for the mom too as it is an excellent form of bonding!

Stress and tension are normal after giving birth so new moms will benefit enormously from some pampering. In fact it is almost an unwritten law that new moms must take good care of themselves.

Massage of the back and neck is a wonderful "stress reliever".
Post natal depression responds well to hydro-therapy and a visit to a wellness centre or spa offering professional treatments using the MATSIMELA range.

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