Laboratory testing on animals

anti crueltyThis is an emotional subject to research and much is already known but with greater exposure these dreadful procedures may one day come to an end.

A lack of compassion and corporate greed is mostly at the forefront of these awful practices.

It is a terrible shame that innocent creatures have to suffer so due to experimentation in order that humans can be assured of quality products.

Each year in the USA an estimated 20 million are used, including rats, pigs, rabbits, sheep, cats and dogs. Because rats are sensitive and intelligent, Laboratory assistants can get a lot of mileage out of them and pigs are horribly abused as their skin is so similar to ours.


Rabbits are used extensively in the toiletries industry and those producing household products, having lethal substances placed in their eyes, causing immense pain and blindness and their skins are often shaved till raw to test the effectiveness of razor blades.

Many creatures are forced to inhale toxic substances, injected with poisons and are forced to endure painful burns. As if this is not enough, many are ripped away from their families causing great stress, transported in merciless conditions, placed in bleak, filthy cages till needed then thrown away like garbage.

All this, which is not even required by law and in fact often produces inaccurate results. School laboratories are also at fault, making extensive use for dissection. Animals are also used in weapon testing, car crash simulations and in aerospace studies, like sending primates into space.

Supply routes include animal farms, city pounds, zoos, circuses, animal shelters and very sadly even the theft of people's pets.

Besides being inhumane, accuracy is not always achieved as human reactions can be quite different from that of animals and due to a vast array of species differences, dubious conclusions can result. Animal testing is costly, involving transport, housing and disposal methods.

Ethical methods do exist. In vitro [meaning in glass phials or dishes] is a method whereby tissues are cultivated in laboratories. Artificial skin can be used for burn research and irritancy testing; Episkin can be grown from cells harvested from the top layers of pieces of skin, from donors during cosmetic surgery. Just one example, the use of excess skin folds after massive weight loss.

Donated human corneas can give excellent results as against the cruelty to which rabbits are subjected. Donor cells taken from different ethnicities can be cultivated to test the effectiveness of sun blockers on varying skin tones.

In conclusion, the greatest hope is that the awareness and compassion of consumers will put a halt to their supporting know companies that are at fault. If in doubt anti-cruelty sites like PETA [Peoples Ethical Treatment of Animals], BWC [Beauty Without Cruelty] and many others can supply information on the internet.

It is uplifting that Canada and European countries are now free of laboratory testing and it is sincerely hoped that the day will dawn when animal testing will for once and all be a thing of the past

MATSIMELA is proud to announce that none of its products are tested on animals & upholds an ethical view on cosmetics & manufacture.