The importance of sleep

lady sleepingSLEEP is something we take so for granted, but so vitally important to both our physical and mental health.

We spend approximately 1/3rd of our lives sleeping and it is interesting at this point to note then five stages of SLEEP:

In the early stage the bodies muscles start to relax
Then a light SLEEP occurs with body temperature and heart rate decreasing
During the 3rd and 4th stages much deeper SLEEP occurs plus brain activity
And during the 5th stage chemicals are released which paralyze the muscles, the pulse increases, intense brain activity is present and the body is inclined to twitch and dreams occur
During this stage REM [rapid eye movement] occurs as do vivid and disturbing nightmares, which rattles one awake!
Nightmares can be caused by overstimulation of the brain, drugs, eating too late or watching gory movies before bedtime!!

The benefits of SLEEP:

  • Our body cells undergo renewal and repair which slows down premature ageing and during SLEEP growth hormone is released into our systems.
  • The brain processes information gathered through the day and sends new information [e.g.: information studied for an examination] to our memory bank. Therefore learning ability and recall is increased.
  • The Lymphatic system's activity is increased during SLEEP. Lymph is a watery substance related to blood which bathes our body cells, bringing nourishment and removing toxins from the cells. This activity is more prevalent at night.
  • Good SLEEP also gives a boost to the immune system, giving greater protection against illness and slow healing.

The disadvantages of SLEEP deprivation:

  • Vulnerability to accidents and errors due to lack of SLEEP and poor levels of concentration.
  • Irritability, hypertension and increased blood pressure.
  • Poor job performance and procrastinating with important tasks.
  • Being short-tempered with family and colleagues, to mention just a few examples.

How to improve one's SLEEP:

  • A light meal comprising of carbohydrates instead of meat, will reduce acidity and assist with muscle cramping.
  • Milk with grated nutmeg induces relaxation as does banana [with good levels of potassium] combined with warm milk and a little honey; bananas encourage relaxation with the release of the brain chemical serotonin.
  • Camomile, rosemary and other health drinks have a calming effect.
  • Eliminating coffee near to bedtime is good practice if caffeine stimulates one.
  • Ensuring that one sleeps on a good mattress and pillow.
  • These days it is not always easy to find peace and quiet, but a hot bath, massage, meditation to calm ones thoughts, stretching to relax tense muscles can all assist.
  • An absolute no-no is children in one's bed. By refusing, parents often feel riddled with guilt – after a good night's SLEEP you will love them even more!!

A lot of these benefits can be derived by using one of MATSIMELA's bath / massage oils containing a pure blend of essential oils or by soaking in a tub with our luxurious bath Kalahari bath soaks.

In no time you will be in the "Land Of Nod "