Toxins in meat and the associated dangers

oxygen carrying properties

With the current scandal sweeping through Europe regarding horse meat being included in beef, there must be grave concern regarding unscrupulous irregularities. Technically speaking freshly killed meat, cultivated organically is free of bacterial invasion, but the every-day consumer is highly unlikely to have access to such meat.



In the average household meat is cooked at a high temperature, which causes volatile reactions and structural changes In animal tissue, known as PRE-CARCINOGENS, in other words cancer forming.

The presence of chemicals like NITRATES & PESTICIDES in the food chain, HORMONES to stimulate growth, ANTI-BIOTICS and upon the death of the animal the release of the "fear hormone" ADRENALINE all impact on the human organism.

NITRATES have already been proven to contribute to cancer, have a serious effect on the brain and it is thought that certain age-related diseases are caused more by chemicals than the actual ageing process itself.

SODIUM NITRATES present in luncheon meats can deprive the haemoglobin in the blood of its oxygen carrying properties.

Diseases which could be related to meat ingestion may include;

  • High and low blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Tumour formation
  • Cholesterol due to the fatty content in meat
  • Arthritis due to higher levels of acidity and
  • Suppression of the immune system

Recognized nutritionists say that CHEMICALS in our food play a major role in ill health and some maintain that if it weren't for animals in this day and age, many diseases would not exist.


For those dedicated meat- eaters, reluctant to give it up, there is hope, with the scientific method of in vitro' [think test-tube babies!! ] meaning a controlled sterile environment outside of the organism producing the desired result , which could ultimately eliminate diseases like swine flu, avian [bird flu] and the existence of salmonella.

Many do believe that it is time to take control of what we eat and the greater number of people who lodge legitimate complaints to have better 'policing' can only lead to positive results!

At this point in time, we have reached a stage where we have, sadly, been swamped by mass consumerism to our detriment, blinding us to realities, but there can be a turning point...