Valentines Day

Each year on the 14th of February, Valentine's Day is celebrated, representing LOVE between couples.

Many are not actually aware of the origins of this day, though many legends exist, the following appears to be a common one ~

In about 200 A D. the Roman Emperor declared that marriages were impacting on the male warrior population [not wanting to abandon their families to go to war] and therefore put restrictions in place for couples to marry.

VALENTINE was supposedly an Italian bishop, living in that era that secretly carried out ceremonies and was beheaded on the 14th of February for his crime. This day thereafter celebrated VALENTINES DAY somewhat stimulates the sale of goods and the hospitality industry as restaurants are popularised with couples dining out!

Early in the month of February, merchandise of endless variety appears with the stimulating colour of red. Anything from edibles, wearable items, red roses and more are on sale, not to mention the delightful cosmetics, all to be given as a token of love to the "special One"

The intoxicating fragrance of Matsimela's red berry products make wonderful gifts on this day!

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