Stress and Mental Health

stressRegardless of one's employment, social or financial situation, all of us will suffer from varying degrees of stress. But it is not worth sacrificing one's health and mental wellbeing when excessive stress dominates one's life.

Modern living places huge demands due to dead-lines and unrealistic expectations, but to be constantly running on "emergency mode" will take a toll on one's physical and mental health
Stress is a normal physical response to what threatens one's balance, one way or another.


Strangely, stress can also be beneficial at times, by assisting one to meet challenges, sharpen concentration and drive ambition.

Nothing creates stress like job loss, death, family upheavals and financial instability. The physical manifestations are many like increased heartbeat, digestive problems, sleeplessness, lack of concentration and judgment and a weakening of the immune system.

On the other hand; sound mental health is an expression of successful adaptation to a range of demands and realization of one's abilities to cope with normal stress and maintaining a sense of worth.

Stress management is one way to avoid feeling "over the edge".
Organizing one's day, eating well and exercising regularly, expelling notions of gloom and doom, showing gratitude and importantly, seeing the funny side of life!

Another positive aspect is to remind one's self that only so much can be achieved in one day.

And finally spoiling the body with some well-deserved pampering does wonders!
Lying in a hot bath infused with MatsiMela Kalahari bath crystals, giving an exhilarating sensation of stress draining away is pure bliss! This can be followed by an exfoliating mud scrub, then nourishing the body with one of the Matsimela's fragrant body butters ' ensuring an overpowering feeling of wellbeing.