Hydro Healing

hydro healingConsidering that we are part of a "watery world" it is not strange that we as humans are drawn to water. 70% of the earth’s surface is covered by water and approximately 57% of our body weight is water.

One aspect of this wonderful commodity is its healing power.

Medically, water therapy is associated with occupational and physiotherapy but treatments available for less drastic complaints can usually be found at spa towns, where mineral-rich waters occur naturally and at wellness centres and Spas.


Associated with this type of therapy, body wraps are not uncommon. With this procedure, a custom sheet envelopes the body which can first be coated with packs comprised of mud, salt, aloe, papaya, oatmeal and so on to drain out impurities, exfoliate and tone and boost circulation.

Generally speaking, hot water  lessens sensitivity to pain, eases tense and sore muscles and relieves pain associated with joint and nerve problems. Steam inhalation is useful for the relief of bronchial problems. Hot water healing is administered via sauna, steam and Turkish baths [hamman] and water tank immersion; the body being submerged giving a feeling of weightlessness and a lessening of the force of gravity, whereas Shiatsu therapy involves flotation, exercise and massage.

On the other hand, cold water treatments are invigorating, used for burns and some types of pain.

When water is agitated, a kneading action can have a positive effect on the deeper tissues and stimulate metabolism.

It is interesting to note that the Jacuzzi does just that, invented by an Italian gentleman, Mr Jacuzzi, whose 15 month old son was inflicted with rheumatoid arthritis and greatly helped by the jets of water pummeling his body.

We are most fortunate here in South Africa to have access to many Hydro treatments and if used in conjunction with the cleansing and healing properties of Matsimela, you can’t go wrong!

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