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This week's article commences with a few lines written in the 11th century and illustrates just how much wine has been celebrated & noted since early times.


"I heard a voice within the tavern cry
Awake, awake, let not your cup run dry
Death of the ancient vine is not yet nigh
her glorious ruby drink for you and I "

The making of wine can be traced as far back as 8000 years!
Many civilizations enjoyed this drink with the Greeks and the Romans giving wine the grand title of "the nectar of the Gods".

Wine is an integral part of our social lives and even plays a role in religion, with both Jews and Christians using it for various rituals. By definition, wine is an alcoholic beverage produced by the fermentation of grapes. You may ask, then, how does the intake of red wine benefit us?

During the fermentation process, the skins and seeds leech out flavonoids and resveratrol, both of which are excellent anti-oxidants.

Scientific research reveals that by drinking one or two glasses of red wine daily, the growth of tumours can be inhibited, less risk of coronary disease exists and the formation of kidney stones can be prevented. Red wine also acts as a neuroprotector, reducing the risk of dementia as much as 80%!

So, in conclusion, the properties of red wine can also, to a degree, arrest the ageing process, due to the action of the anti-oxidants thereby reducing cell deterioration. But it is essential that one maintains ones morning and evening beauty routine, by moisturizing, and nourishing if necessary and not forgetting that more outdoor activity is experienced during the summer season, which calls for the application of sunscreen agents.

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