Aloe vera is mentioned in ancient documents and also in the New Testament for protecting together with other herbs.

Aloe vera is a species of succulent plant now widely used in the cosmetic and alternative medical industries and it has been recognized by the Mayo Clinic for the great benefits derived.


Due to popular demand this herb has, unfortunately, resulted in a lot of poor quality products reaching the market.

To ensure one is getting superior aloe vera, it should be grown organically and labels should reveal its contents.

Often called the first aid plant, the secrets of its remarkable properties lie in the transparent, juicy substance found in the long, thick leaves. Negative reactions to its inclusions are virtually unknown and can be used on many skin types and in a variety of products imaginable like soaps, moisturizers, rejuvenating creams, shampoos, conditioners and aftershaves, to mention just a few.

It's soothing, healing and regenerative properties give relief to burns, cuts and abrasions and to "bug bites".

The redness and inflammation arising from acne can be controlled together with anti-bacterial action. Because aloe vera is an anti-oxidant and contains vitamins E and C, the onset of fine lines can be delayed.

Organic aloe vera can be taken internally to eliminate digestive problems and many suffering from arthritis have had relief with regular intake, due to the anti-inflammatory action.

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