Repercussions“If only” is such a powerful phrase that can distort one’s judgement regarding future choices made in life.


It is inevitable that some choices will result in painful experiences but regret can make a bad situation even worse and blame, guilt and punishment are frequently unwarranted.


As the famous late comedian Robin Williams said  “if you are gonna make bad choices, rather earlier than later in life.”


Or “I have a good memory. I wipe out the memory of bad choices fast !”


Crucifying oneself for having “travelled down the wrong road” only provokes more negativity.


Certain outcomes can engage readers in thought provoking exploration as to what might have been prevented had a second decision been considered. Yet what was previously considered disastrous may be beneficial in the future. In many instances, regret can deter opportunities for future growth and renewal.


Yes indeed, life is intricate !!


Historically, how different would the world be today had Hitler won the war, JFK decided against a visit to Dallas or Mahatma Ghandi been assassinated ?


There is much exposure in the media right now covering the death of princess Diana whose life came to a tragic and abrupt end. “What if” she had kept to her original plan to leave Paris a day earlier to be with her boys. Is it possible to envisage what future events she may have had to face up to?


She has now forever been captured in her beauty and youth. Youth that all women aspire to attain.


Lastly dermatologists are generally of the opinion that after the age of 30 years one’s skin will start to deteriorate and therefore more attention should be given in attempting to arrest the aging process.


Having said this, there are many competing products on the market and unwittingly bad choices can be made.


To mention just one example, an unsuspecting woman bought an imported night cream having such high levels of vitamin A resulting in her skin reacting so violently with flaming red patches as is seen with the condition shingles.


Matsimela has a reputation that cannot be compromised



springSpring is an exuberant time, the very word has a “Bounce” to it, a season of renewal and even hope.  It is uplifting to know that Winter is on the retreat and for some that the gloom of Winter is no more.


Many changes occur such as fresh, greener grass sprouting, birdsong on the rise, the sap rising and an increase in colours and aromas.


As for “falling in love”, Scientists put this down to increased levels of the brain’s dopamine, the feel good hormone!


Some countries have their unique traditions of celebrating this season. In our beautiful, diversified country there are umpteen reasons why Spring offers a unique ambiance. Visits to reserves will reveal wildlife nurturing and caring for their fluffy young offspring, whales in cold waters can at times be seen with young calves alongside their giant bodies and magical floral carpets appear in the western Cape.


As for other activities, many will welcome the traditional outdoor Braai,  picnicking, wine tasting crisp blends in our famous vineyards, surreptitiously testing the temperature of the ocean or digging into fresh turf; planting with anticipation, the fruits of one’s  labours.


It must be said that many will experience some not uncommon bodily experiences manifesting as allergies, simply reactions to pollens, grasses, moulds and mildews which thrive in these warmer periods. No wonder Spring is often called “the itchy, sneezy season”.


Readers may come  across promotional displays of bottles containing thermal water with minerals,  intended via a fine spray of mist to hydrate the skin.


Many experts are dubious as the skin with an impermeable membrane does not have much ability to absorb much moisture in this manner or act as an organ of excretion.


However, whatever the season, moisturizing creams are an essential beauty item.


MATSIMELA body butters are rich and soothing, creamy and buttery. They have a 10% Shea butter component, making them not your average body butter. They are excellent for dry skin that needs quenching. Look out for the very popular Ginger and Lime range which has just surfaced in stores it is our seasonal range available from September to March. The range consists of a Hand cast soap, fizz ball, salt scrub, bath soak, body crème and palm soap.




Skin in Youth Maturity Article


Readers may be familiar with a term “one’s salad days” perhaps somewhat mystifying.


This is a Shakespearian expression relating to a youthful time of inexperience, enthusiasm, innocence and the immature state of mind, in a way all of which act as a defensive mechanism for those more realistic times ahead, the least of one’s worries; the aging process.


Although chronological years cannot be reversed, one does have some influence over other factors, especially early care of the skin. A rather daunting thought exists that there is no escaping the fact that from the time of one’s birth it is downhill all the way !


Women in general are not terribly perturbed about the state of internal organs, but rather of that of the skin, the largest organ of the body and forever on display !


Reaching the early or mid-twenties, a person is generally seen the last of the skin’s woes like excessive oiliness which promotes blackheads and acne.


Although dryness of the skin seems like a blessing, much more lies ahead like finelines and wrinkles, so it pays to be ahead of the game.


In a premature state of panic, some may rush out for expensive anti-aging creams, but one has to analyse what form of deterioration is occurring, be it the  lack of underlying support or surface dehydration.  Epidermal dehydration is a cause, not a condition and relates to the moisture content and when lacking, excess keratinization can occur manifesting as a horny outer layer. Another consideration is the known fact that oil sits on top of water, creating a barrier therefore a good moisturizer is essential, not to be confused with greasy night creams.


Relevant humidity in the atmosphere allows for moisture transmission from the inner to outer skin layers. Factors like sun, wind and dry climates are major factors. Enzymes are the first workers within the body and transmit vitamins and minerals, thus the need for a healthy diet with food as fresh as possible to benefit the skin.


Then an oft discussion arises whether the consummation of water plays a role in skin hydration?


According to a number of Dermatologists, the answer is unlikely as one’s bodily thirst indicates the shortage of water to be balanced within.


However, this is not an indication to cut down on liquids or to neglect skin care.


Matsimela is in the throes of developing and launching a specific skin care offering that will be available at selected salons and spas.


Specially formulated for all skin types, the array of products will be the perfect addition to your beauty regime ! Watch this space for more info. 




Pros and Cons of Labelling

To commence this week’s article, it must be said that not only South Africans are notorious for being colour conscious as this exists elsewhere too. Skin tone has not stopped humans from assigning each other to categories like black and white with no basis in biology but never the less this action goes on to determine social, political and economic wellbeing and contributes to some of the deepest problems that face our species.


On the other hand “stereotyping” normally provides a generalization opinion of a group.


Stereo types emerge as a result of our hard-wired thinking as people build mental categories to sort information. These “short-cuts”  allow us to make sense of the world.


Psychologists say that this is a tool to resolve the complexity of the environment that we grapple to perceive.


Take for an example,  just generally speaking, the view commonly taken of medical specialists. Certain expectations arise regarding appearance and behaviour from such a group !


However labels shape more than only our perception of skin colour.


In another scenario, the outcome of a video shown to a group of students was interesting. This featured a girl who frequented a sub-economic neighbourhood to visit a friend. When asked for comment she was labelled “poor” and this social/economic status even deferred from her fine academic abilities.


It is fascinating that a type of innocent discrimination can occur. Consider the case of a high profile celebratory couple being turned away from a restaurant as they were unkempt. The concept that “shabby chic” and that the understated look ` being ‘de rigueur’ is obviously not appreciated by all !


Regarding labelling in the commercial world,  this plays a vital role in conveying the correct message to consumers.


Labels that are not only eye-catching can “tweak” the emotions. Adjectives like successful, affordable, epic, mind blowing, free and essential can lure the unsuspecting public.


According to research shoppers decide within 90 seconds of interaction with a product whether to buy it or not.


The Matsimela team are aware of being part and parcel of this highly competitive world.


Each label be it the colour, wording or luxurious design truly relates to the outstanding quality offered to you, the consumer.




MotivavtionMotivation is like a fire within, or the “whip” of behaviour like waking up at daybreak to pound the pavement instead of lolling around aimlessly all day.


Motivation should come from within and with it a sense of pride and a feeling of accomplishment that drives one.


Lethargy is man’s worse enemy.

Regarding money, ordinary people wake up,  go to work to get paid,  pay the bills … money being a means to an end.


Logically speaking, they are working for the money, not having true motivation in life but perhaps to fulfil the feelings of desire like owning a luxury car or house.


One may end up rich but without fulfilment deep within.

Some are motivated with a desire to be the best, hate to lose and cannot accept to be number two. These are highly motivated individuals.


Making decisions for what is the best choice and so doing, expectations of gratification result in a pleasant experience, but despite good intentions the results could be otherwise.


The brain is pretty much hardwired and does not forget bad choices made in the past and this will be to an advantage.


Like it or not, we evolved to be fat, furless, lazy bi-peds with large brains.  Prehistoric man had few choices as he had to run and kill for food and these forefather’s activities were energy intensive.


Take note how irate in these times we can become when having to use the stairs when the escalator is out of commission. Is this pure laziness or consumption of time, a privilege unknown to paleolithic man !


In these modern times, we are thoroughly spoilt with choices and consumers have to be realistic that cheap can be expensive.


Purchasing cheap cosmetics can be a bad choice. What seems good today can sacrifice the health of one’s skin tomorrow.


Consider the fact that many manufactures use fillers to add bulk and ethically related; some producers overseas use cheap labour, working in inhumane conditions ` neither is sustainability in place to reduce the carbon foot-print.


Throughout the year Matsimela have promotions and offers but due to the integrity of this company never compromise on quality or customers loyalty.


Matsimela is focused on producing high quality products containing raw ingredients that are ethically sourced that won’t break the bank ! Go on line or travel through to one of our stores for a pure spoil me.