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Weather always has a huge effect on our skin. The winter months bring harsh, cold conditions that can irritate the skin on our face and hands. The best thing to do is to find a range of body-care products that not only suit your skin type but also nourish your skin so that it can become strong and supple.


MatsiMela Home Spa is a company that provides high-quality body-care products. Developed by husband and wife team Wayne and Olivia Nel, the MatsiMela Home Spa Range is inspired by their love for the botanical ingredients indigenous to Africa. The word ‘MatsiMela’ means ‘roots’ in Sotho, and this is indicative of the company’s mission to return to their roots in order to enrich their African heritage.


Based in Kya Sands, South Africa, the beauty products are locally produced and follow the strictest quality controls to maintain brand control and quality. By sourcing natural ingredients from the surrounding communities, MatsiMela supports and uplifts community projects across the country.


Pop into one of the stores, salons or spas across South Africa and choose from a wide variety of beautiful gifts. Gift vouchers are also available. The MatsiMela Home Spa range suits various skin types and consists of a number of delicious-smelling products.


The MatsiMela Home Spa Warm Orange & Ginger range contains pure ginger oil, which stimulates the heart and circulation. The Warm Orange & Ginger range creates a feeling of warmth and wellbeing, and restores vitality. This is especially effective for those who feel the cold. The spicy ginger root also contains an antioxidant called gingerol, which helps to promote a brighter, warmer and more youthful appearance. It’s sweet, spicy, woody and warm! The five products in this range are:


1. MatsiMela Glycerine Soap


The soaps have a high-quality glycerine base, leaving skin feeling soft and clean.

2. Fizz Ball

fizz ball

This product will add fragrance and a bit of fun to a warm bath – especially lovely on very cold days!

3. Body Butter

body butter

The body butter is rich, soothing, creamy and buttery. It has a 10% shea-butter component, making it a top-of-the-range beauty product. It’s excellent for dry skin that needs nourishment.

4. Kalahari Salt Scrub

salt scrub

This product is a delicious blend of mineral oil, fragrance and essential oils. You can use it to exfoliate dry skin while giving it some much-needed moisture. It’s excellent for an all-over exfoliation.

5. Kalahari Bath Soak

bath soak

This soak contains natural crystal salt, which allows the salt to be absorbed by the skin, forming a protective barrier. By adding this to your bath, 
you will enjoy a healing, cleansing and relaxing effect. The minerals of the salt are absorbed through the skin. 

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