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Congratulations and welcome!  You're now a Matsimela Affiliate! You now have the opportunity to earn some extra cash, simply by sharing Matsimela with your friends, family and associates.

As an Affiliate, you help others find premier Home Spa Body care products and specials and we send you a little extra something.

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It can't get any easier ~ merely by sharing helpful services that you'd probably refer anyway with a friend or fellow writer. They'll even thank you for it!

Take a moment now to check out a collection of helpful, free, Affiliate Tools we supply for you in your Affiliate Member’s area. Follow these 3 simple steps to get started now:

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Here, you'll find all sorts of communication and marketing tools like:

  • Email Referrals - Helpful email templates to send to your circle of friends and family, spa’s you may know and business associates too
  • Professionally Designed Banners - Colourful and attractive banners to post on your web sites or blogs to promote through your Affiliate Link
  • Social Networking - Text posts for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more
  • Email Signatures - Small, one-line texts for use as a Signature File to add at the conclusion of your email messages

If you have any questions or need anything at all, don't hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Once again, CONGRATULATIONS! We look forward to a long, prosperous and profitable relationship, as we support you as an Official Matsimela Affiliate!

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